Sustainability ● ○ ○

Carbon Negative Yarns

We are creating the Africa's first carbon negative yarn. We offset every kg of carbon consumed. For the future? We're researching and developing the ability to sequester carbon in the same areas we source our wool.

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Sustainability ○ ● ○

Enviroment & People Safe Dyes

Choose from a world of colors without worrying about the world. Select naturally dyed yarns or with safe, no impact synthetic dyes -- all powered by the sun.

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Community ○ ○ ●

Meaningful Impact

The Atlas Wool Supply Co protects the environment and the people that depend on it. All workers earn equity in the company and have voting power to choose charitable causes we support. We hire from Anou and local shepherding communities.

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Reimagining Moroccan Wool

What if wool wasn't treated as a waste product in Morocco but a source of prosperity? What if Moroccan sheep weren't the cause of environmental degradation but what regenerates it? We're creating a future where wool and sheep lead to revitalization of the environment and communities of the Atlas Mountains. A resilient future awaits.

A World of Color

A world of color without having to worry about the world. Choose from over 1000+ environmentally safe colors. All our dye work is powered by the sun, carbon offset, and safe for all people and their environment.

Join Us

Join us in reimagining Moroccan wool, the land it comes from, and the communities that depend on it. The Atlas Wool Supply Co is currently in private beta and we are only taking orders from those who are on our waitlist. Let us know how we can help and we'll be in touch soon.