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About Atlas Wool Supply Co.

Atlas Wool Supply Co. is dedicated to bringing you the highest quality materials Morocco has to offer. 

Each purchase revives supply chains of traditional Moroccan materials and employs authentic artisans. 

Thousands of Colors

By Hand

Non-toxic and Environmentally Friendly

Know the Source

Revive Traditions

Atlas Wool Supply Co Certified Companies


Thinking about buying Moroccan artisanal craft from an online store, Instagram account, or Etsy store? Ensure they use Atlas Wool Supply Co. materials by finding their logo below; otherwise, you cannot verify that the materials are non-toxic, non-bleed, and those behind it were paid fair wages. 

Yarn Shops

Atlas Wool Supply Co. materials are carried by yarn shops around the world. The stores listed below ensure you are getting high quality product made in a fair environment. The best part is that these stores are directly contributing to the future of Moroccan craft. Support them! 

Shipping is a Breeze

We ship to everywhere in Morocco and the world via standard mail and DHL express.