Hussein's High Atlas Mountain Booties - A Knitting Pattern

Hussein's High Atlas Mountain Booties - A Knitting Pattern

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In the High Atlas Mountains of Morocco, a knitting tradition exists but remains relatively unknown to most visitors, who usually come looking for rugs. Atlas Wool Supply Co. is working to find these knitters and record their stories and patterns for future generations.

Our first High Atlas Mountain knitting pattern is based off of a sock construction technique taught to us by Hussein - a man who has been knitting for many years. The booties are knit from the toe up and are very easy to adapt to any size foot. It is a simple pattern that is perfect for beginner sock knitters.

The pattern uses our Tekasher yarn, which is spun by the women in Hussein's village who are members of The Anou community of cooperatives. These women have been spinning yarn for the knitters in their families for many years and posses a high level of skill and knowledge. The yarn falls within the Sport to DK yarn weights and is wonderfully fuzzy and rustic - perfect for keeping your toes warm and cozy. You can purchase Tekasher yarn here.

The proceeds for this pattern are divided between Hussein and Atlas Wool Supply Co., with Hussein receiving the greater portion of the price. Atlas Wool Supply Co. invests its portion in documentation and education projects that benefit everyone in the community.

If you would like to learn more, please check our blog frequently. Current posts related to the High Atlas knitting tradition include: