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Material: 100% High Atlas Wool
Yardage: Approx. 105 yards
Weight: Approximately 100 grams
WPI: 11
Knitting Gauge = Stockinette Stitch with US 6 (4 mm) needles:
16 stitches / 24 rows in 4 inches

Care: Hand Wash; Color Fast to 120•F


Tekasher is a handspun knitting yarn from the High Atlas Mountains of Morocco. In the local Tashelhit dialect, Tekasher means "socks." It is spun by women for their husbands, uncles, and brothers who do the knitting. You can read more about the High Atlas knitting tradition here.

This yarn is perfect for what it's intended - socks. Click here to purchase Hussein's High Atlas Mountain Booties, a sock pattern from a High Atlas knitter.

The wool for Tekasher comes from sheep indigenous to the High Atlas Mountains of Morocco. These breeds do not exist anywhere else outside of these mountains, as they are uniquely adapted to the hot summers and freezing winters. The sheep roam freely during the day, so you may find traces of vegetal matter in the yarn. 

Weavers of The Anou Cooperative community living in the High Atlas process and spin the wool for our Tekasher line. They use carders and long wooden spindles that are supported on the ground as they spin. The yarn is made from a woolen preparation and spun with a woolen draft. First, singles are made and then 2 of them are plied together on the spindle, so it takes more time to prepare this yarn. After spinning, it is washed, resulting in soft, fuzzy yarn. You can learn more about spinning in the High Atlas Mountains here. Because this is a hand spun yarn, variations may occur.

Our Tekasher yarn base is 100% natural with no chemicals or bleach used in its making. In order to safeguard the health of Anou artisans, our customers, and the environment, only people and planet-friendly products are used to dye this yarn. Tekasher is available in our base colors. Please consult the color cards for the dye number when ordering. Note that minimal shifting may occur from one dye batch to another. Please ensure that you order enough yarn to complete your project.

This yarn is available for wholesale. Please contact us here.